Exterior Design
Markham Convention Centre

The banquet hall/convention space and retail plaza were designed with a more classic feel, yet both also incorporate many contemporary elements. The design of these interior spaces was done with a rich color palette along with various textures and patterns. Maroon was chosen to be the most prominent color along with beige. Design TWG’s design philosophy with these two works was to create a fusion between the classic and modern style and incorporate various elements from both typologies.

Location: Markham, ON
Project Type: Hospitality
Area: 28,000 sq.ft
Completion: 2011

Scope: Interior and exterior design project involving the visualization of a banquet hall convention facility and retail service plaza.

Style: Elegant, classic, vibrant, rich in color, warm

Elements of Design:
+ intricate patterns and shapes
+ gold shapes on doors for light to seep through and create decorative shadows with
+ rich, lavish colors
+ combinations of a variety of textures
+ forms and shapes of a wavelike nature
+ contrast between the curtain vibrancy and wall colors
+ high use of flower shape and pattern in design

+ two different types of chandeliers, both alike to flowers
+ vestibule entry
+ red, gold and beige theme
+ railings all with gold structure
+ lamp fixtures attached to walls resembling flowers
+ floor tiling with marble appeal, high gloss porcelain
+ use of mirrors at different levels
+ single strip of lighting next to stairs above bar

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