Exterior Design
Finch Weston Medical Centre

The Finch Weston medical centre required exterior design elements that conveyed its necessary information in a clean and organized manner. Elements used in the external design were made to portray the professionalism and family care the establishment provides. The design philosophy with this project was to maintain an elegant and simplistic design.

Location: Toronto, ON
Project Type: Healthcare
Area: 15,000 sq.ft
Completion: 2012

Scope: Exterior design of a medical centre involving visualization in drawings and structural formation.

Style: Calm, contemporary & minimalistic

Elements of Design:
+ few prominent colors
+ full glazing windows on one side
+ standard lighting fixture
+ simple
+ descriptive text to provide all necessary information
+ logo/ branding shown on all sides

+ vertical and horizontal forms
+ simple and consistent lighting fixture
+ outer advertising
+ red and orange used as pops of color in different areas

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