SONY Experience Pavilion

The design of the Sony pavilion required key creative aspects since the theme was to be able to “experience” each and every aspect. The technology was segregated into three different booths and a quintessential experience factor was built based upon the device. Hence, since gamers are privy to sports, a street background was developed with skateboard ramps. Similarly, since most people listen to music as they travel, the background of a subway or train station was developed. Lastly, since people use their phones and laptops while they are out in a peaceful outdoor space, a park city was developed for that station. The design philosophy of this project was thus fully experience based.

Location: Showcased at various locations
Project Type: Exhibition
Area: 3000 sq.ft
Completion: 2011

Scope: Interior and 3D visualization of an exhibition space.

Style: Bright, vibrant & alluring

Elements of Design:
+ box-like appeal for central structure with company logo and subtext
+ surrounded with stalls
+ central structure with surrounding stations
+ side stations lit up at different colors
+ gaming area, stereo area, technology play area
+ interactive design of stations allowing for high activity and traffic

+ setup in steel frame construction
+ central area; 3D square, visual elements, screens all around, black rectangular prism, tall height, two radial counter spaces for gadgetry
+ green zone; social park, play area, central green spiral element with protruding disc table for laptop placement, benches at two corners, cityscape backdrop
+ blue zone: stereophonic station, train station backdrop, headphones showcased on rails and table tops
+ purple zone: gamer block, street-like feel, decorative stop sign, trashcan cushion fixtures, skate ramps, chain fence, tires, screens on ramps, chalkboard, rugged brick wall on street backdrop

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