Prime Nail Salon & Spa

TWG’s design philosophy with Prime was to develop a lively and refreshing environment. Spas and salons have grown to be an active and social environment and thus, the design of this space seeks to bring that forward. Fresh tones of red are displayed all throughout along with refreshing and flowery imagery. From the furniture to the wall finishes, everything is designed to be minimalistic and reflective of a comfortable relaxation environment.

Location: Mississauga, ON
Project Type: Wellness
Area: 1250 sq.ft
Completion: 2011

Scope: Interior design project involving the visualization of a nail salon and spa at a local plaza.

Style: Modern, fresh & contemporary

Elements of Design:
+ one predominant color (brand color)
+ pot lighting
+ incorporation of wood textures
+ sleek finishes
+ incorporation of glass
+ simple Bauhaus furniture
+ massage chairs in neutral colors

+ vibrant red used as branding color
+ soothing, lively imagery
+ full glazing on doors
+ Bauhaus furniture
+ wood finish used at reception desks and on interior transition wall
+ pot light fixtures on drop ceiling tiles
+ full mirror wall in pedicure space
+ drop ceiling with backlighting

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