Nanotek Consulting Office

The interior space of Nanotek were designed with the vision of creating a modern and clean atmosphere. Making the space look elegant and larger than it actually is were some of the key goals. Thus, simplistic features and textures of natural light tones were used. Not to mention, textures that complemented each other were placed together and the company color of blue was used avidly. Glass was also used in many areas to emphasize features and open up some of the spaces.

Location: Vaughan, ON
Project Type: Workspace
Area: 2400 sq.ft
Completion: 2011

Scope: Interior design project for the administrative headquarters of a renouned consulting corporation.

Style: Modern, fresh, contemporary & simplistic

Elements of Design:
+ use of two constant elements
+ professional and elegant appeal
+ bright environments
+ space for traffic
+ many bookshelves and spaces to place/ use technology
+ bright lighting fixtures
+ simplistic features and furniture

+ consistent use of bright blue glass, wood textures, beiges and browns
+ pops of color in displayed imagery in rooms
+ screens in cubicle areas
+ desks equipped with computers
+ clouded glass screens between cubicles, grey frame
+ full glazing for conference room with logo on door banner
+ curved, flowing forms in room design
+ custom doors with wood finish and strip of glass
+ Bauhaus style furniture

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