HGC Transport Office

TWG’s design philosophy while creating the interiors of this space was rooted in the principles of simplicity. Forms and textures were used such that the calm tones of the furniture were enhanced. The open-concept glass doors also work to emphasize the inherent serenity of an office atmosphere. The HGC office uses essential box-like furniture structures and pure tones to facilitate a very peaceful yet professional workplace environment.

Location: Brampton, ON
Project Type: Workspace
Area: 10,000 sq.ft
Completion: 2010

Scope: Interior design project for the administrative headquarters of a reputable transportation company.

Achieved: Modern, minimalistic, formal, comfortable

Elements of Design:
+ simplistic forms elegance in minimalism
+ warm & neutral tones
+ immense contrast and shadows
+ professional elegance

+ Wooden cabinets, shelving, desks with sleek finish
+ Light leather seating for couches and chairs
+ Fully glazed doors with steel handles
+ Pot lighting at central areas

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