Gahir, Deol & Nagpal Law Office

A workspace for a law firm involves more intrinsic professionalism in its atmosphere than most other offices. With the design of the law offices for this reputable firm, elements of traditionalism and simplicity were used. From dark tone finishes for the walls and furnishings to minimalistic style seating, the law office conveys professionalism. The design philosophy was to maintain the atmosphere of the establishment but to add other classic and rich elements to it.

Location: Toronto, ON
Project Type: Workspace
Area: 3200 sq.ft
Completion: 2011

Scope: Interior design project for the workplace environment of a reputable law firm involving the visualization of a conference room, reception area, waiting areas and office rooms.

Style: Traditional, minimal & calm

Elements of Design:
+ neutral and dark tones
+ comfortable black furniture
+ large space accommodation in office areas
+ use of large windows
+ use of natural light and ventilation
+ consistent finish on reception desks and office room walls

+ high gloss porcelain tiling in main reception area
+ consistent wood finish with gold border on desks and walls of spaces
+ pop of red/ orange in main reception area low ceiling
+ ceiling tiles with bright square lighting
+ black leather furniture
+ television screens in reception area
+ large bookshelves and cabinets for office rooms

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