Bansal Accounting Office

This workspace was designed with the vision of creating a modern and crisp environment. With workplace environments, a caution has to be paid to adhering to the aspect of professionalism. Thus, minimalistic features and textures were used, all in neutral shades. Textures that complemented each other were placed together and the company color of blue was used to highlight and emphasize certain areas.

Location: Toronto, ON
Project Type: Workspace
Area: 3600 sq.ft
Completion: 2012

Scope: Interior design project involving the visualization of the office environment.

Style: Modern, crisp, smooth & sleek

Elements of Design:
+ linear forms
+ high incorporation of company color
+ bright lighting
+ clean, crisp space
+ consistent lighting features
+ square style pot lighting installed in ceiling
+ vibrant company text (to promote branding)

+ wood grain finish on shelving
+ wallpaper to mimic tiling
+ unique door design, customized with wood finish and grey knob
+ protruding walls with finish of squares and rectangles of different sizes
+ protruding walls blue in color
+ combination of dark wood along with light and dark blues
+ stylish and modern furniture

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